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Ducted Air Conditioning Systems in Brisbane

Many home and businesses prefer ducted air conditioners to stay cool and warm all year round. The Brisbane weather can be a bit harsh; it can leave you sweltering in the hot months and reaching for an extra blanket in winter. Ducted AC is the right solution for the erratic Brisbane weather.

One ducted air conditioning system is enough to keep your bedroom cool and keep the temperature pleasant for the living room. In general, a ducted air conditioner system is the best cooling system for the Brisbane climate and is suitable for large houses with more than three bedrooms. This system controls the temperature levels inside a living or working space.

How Ducted AC Works

The central unit that is usually fitted in the roof, funnels cool air through strategically placed ducts to every room. A Ducted air conditioner unit uses zoned circulation that allows the user to turn off any zones for total temperature control. Zoned circulation gives you the exact temperature of your house or office in Brisbane at a reduced cost.

Why Choose Ducted AC

Ducted air conditioning systems are the best choice when:

  • You want to control the temperature room by room.
  • You want cool air in your home or office during hot summer days.
  • You want an energy-efficient cooling system that controls the temperature of your entire office or home.
  • You want a low noise cooling system.
  • Doing major renovations or constructing a new home.

Advantages of a Ducted Air Conditioning System

Low Energy Costs

A house that has more than three rooms that need air conditioning should choose a ducted AC for better energy efficiency. The costs of installing and maintaining different AC units in every room can accumulate to thousands of dollars. A Ducted air conditioning unit adjusts its heating and cooling depending on the temperature in the room. It also has inverter technology to keep the preferred temperature. This keeps the room calm, and at the same time, the system runs more efficiently.

No Noise

A ducted AC does not produce any noise, it is even quieter than a split AC.

More Flexibility and Control

Ducted air conditioning systems offer greater temperature controls than other AC systems. The zone air conditioning feature, allows the user to adjust the temperatures in different rooms. A ducted air conditioner system with the zone feature maintains a relaxed working and living space. For example, if the temperatures are too high that you cannot sleep, you can lower the levels only in the bedroom. In a business environment, you can cool the places with high human traffic and leave the storage department cold.

Saving Space

The ductwork for this type of AC unit runs on the ceiling or under the floor and is completely out of sight. The central outdoor unit can also be fixed in the backyard to give you more space to work with.

Our Brands

The ducted air conditioning units that we install in your living or office space come from quality brands including Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Panasonic, and Fujitsu.

Every brand that we sell is the best for commercial, business, and residential uses. Each unit guarantees:

  • High energy efficiency
  • No noise
  • Total climate control
  • Backup service
  • Excellent warranty

Why Choose 5th Star For Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

Our service is tailored to meet the needs of all clients in Brisbane. Our skilled and professional technicians will install the AC system where it is most effective. Call us today for a customised and affordable air conditioning solution for your home or business.

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