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5th Star Air Conditioning: Your Expert Apartment Air Conditioner Installation in Brisbane and Gold Coast

5th Star Air Conditioning brings years of combined trades service to the installation of air conditioners in apartment complexes throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast area. We have worked hard to establish a solid reputation for quality workmanship and customer service and bring the same level of professionalism to every job, big or small.

We offer two main methods to install air conditioning.

Apartment or Unit Air Conditioning Options

For apartments air conditioning there are many air conditioning options available, like split system air conditioners, multi-head air conditioning systems, ducted air conditioners, VRF air conditioning system and bulkhead air conditioners.

Not all air conditioners will work in every apartment or unit, so finding the best air conditioning option for your apartment there are a few things you want to think about:

  • Budget – how much money do you want to spend?
  • What are you requiring or outcome e.g.:
    • Wall-mounted indoor units
    • Concealed bulkhead or wardrobe indoor units
    • Hidden
    • Linear diffusers
    • You don’t care you just want to cool a room for as little as possible

A split system air conditioning unit uses both an indoor and outdoor unit. It works best for apartment air conditioning installation in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast because it requires no added ductwork, which can bring additional expenses. It also offers an elegant style to match older buildings in the area especially.

Multi-head air conditioners are great because you can run up to 4 indoor units from one outdoor unit. This option works well when the only position for the outdoor unit is on the balcony and you don’t want to tie up valuable balcony real estate with outdoor air conditioning units

Ducted air conditioners are a great option but don’t work in most apartments, because it requires a ceiling void above or the apartment has to sacrifice ceiling height in hallways and other rooms.

VRF (Variable refrigerant flow) Air Conditioners are the latest air conditioning technology on the market. This type of system is similar to a multi-head system, but the next set up. It has one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units in all shapes and sizes so it’s perfect for concealed bulk-head or concealed hidden in a wardrobe.

With most apartment, unit or high-rise air conditioning we need to do a site visit to work out the best air conditioning option, we work with the apartment owners, building managers, builders, interior designers and architects.

Affordable and Professional Installation

Regardless of which air conditioning system that you may choose for your Brisbane or Gold Coast apartment, 5th Star Air Conditioning will provide the most professional and highest quality service available.

Whenever possible, we install an apartment air conditioning unit in the least obstructive space we can find. We understand that apartment living space comes at a premium, and we want to preserve as much as possible.

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When warm weather hits, be prepared. Make sure that you can live in comfort in the warm tropical months in a brand new, energy efficient, air conditioning system.

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