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Qualified And Experienced High Rise Air Conditioning Installation

If you want to enjoy your stay living or working in a high rise building in Brisbane, one important factor that you must consider is a responsive and reliable air conditioning system.

Installing an air conditioning system in a high rise building requires more than just the installation itself. Other factors come into play such as the installation must pass approval from the relevant safety bodies and strict policies of each building.

The Installation Process

We are the best when it comes to high rise air conditioning installation in Brisbane and across the Gold Coast.

The Process of Installing a High-Rise AC is different from installing the same unit in an apartment because the outdoor AC unit is fixed on an unprotected ledge. This task is difficult for many technicians, but we have the experience, skills and the staff to get the job done. We do this while carefully observing all the safety precautions of working at extreme heights.
We have completed hundreds of these projects mainly because we have:

  • The right equipment, including a specialised vehicle for installation.
  • The right skills and experience to approach every job fully organised and prepared.
  • A team of skilled technicians who have undergone the Queensland Government Working at Heights training program and are IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) trained.

Before we install the air conditioning system in a high rise apartment or office, our team will come to your site and conduct a complete inspection. After this, we will draft a quotation and a report that is sent to your Body Corporate.

We will also hold a meeting with you where we will show our high rise ac installation methods to get the job done neatly, efficiently and most importantly, safely. On top of the high rise air conditioning unit installation, we also give the outdoor AC system added layers of protection to prevent rust in corrosive environments such as the Gold Coast.

What You Should Consider When Looking at Installing a High Rise AC

The outdoor unit is usually mounted on the balcony of a high rise apartment or office space. You have to look at the dimensions of the air conditioning unit to fit the space on your balcony. The aircon unit that you install should be quiet to avoid disturbing your neighbours.

Do not place anything on top of the unit as you can damage your AC system or void the warranty. Also, there should be nothing in front of the unit that can restrict airflow from the system. During the consultation, we will help you pick the right model, for example, the size of the outdoor unit to fit your balcony.

What You Should Know

  • Installing a high rise AC requires extra planning.
  • If you choose to install a split system, the pipes should not be allowed to exit onto the balcony, they have to be run internally, i.e. inside the walls. Your balcony should also have a downpipe; if it does not, an evaporation tray has to be installed.
  • We need a parking space inside your building and near the elevator. This makes our job of installing the units easy.
  • We also need complete access to go up and down the elevator.

This process seems like a lot, but do not worry. We are experts in high rise ac unit installation and we always do our best to make this a seamless experience. Call us today for an affordable and customised air conditioning solution for your high rise building, apartment or office space.

Quality Work Assured Installation

Prior to any high rise air conditioning installation, our consultant will visit your site and carry out a thorough inspection. This allows us to accurately form a fixed quotation and a report for submission to your Body Corporate. We will also discuss the options available, and the methodology we will employ to complete the job efficiently, neatly and most importantly, safely.

5th Star Air also offer services for high rise AC installations that have specific pre-requisites involving rope access and working at heights. In addition to high rise air conditioning installation, we recommend rust prevention treatment, to give the outdoor units added protection in highly corrosive environments such as the Gold Coast.

Feel free to call anytime to talk to us on 1300 203 665 or complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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