Rust Proofing

Air Conditioner Rust Proofing Brisbane

In some areas closer to the ocean or in harsh environments, outdoor Split System Air Conditioning units, their steel chassis, base and support frame can be vulnerable to Australian weather conditions. This is especially true for Brisbane, which is a coastal city. Continuous exposure to coastal elements can shorten the life of air conditioning equipment and cause higher energy bills.

5th Star Air Conditioning can now offer an affordable Air Conditioning Rust Proofing solution to give your investment guaranteed extended life.

Our service technicians encounter these problems all too often on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or the eastern seaside suburbs due to ongoing exposure to the salt air.

Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit Rust Proofing Option

Scope of Work

  • Isolate and disconnect power to the unit
  • Remove outdoor unit top panel and side panels
  • Spray/brush with rust roofing on the inside of all metal panels and on the outside with clear finish product
  • Spray the coil with special rust inhibiting spray that will not jeopardize the performance of the system
  • Spray the circuit board with circuit board electrolysis protecting spray
  • After recommended drying period reassemble air conditioner outdoor unit
  • Re-connect the power, energise system and ensure unit is functioning correctly

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