Air Conditioner Regassing Brisbane

Air Conditioner Regassing  can become quite a headache. If you do not repair the problem as soon as possible it can lead to other devastating and costly consequences.

If your air conditioning system needs regassing, it is usually because there is a leak in the refrigeration system allowing the original refrigerant/gas to escape from the closed system. Another problem that can occur is nasty “smell” caused by microorganisms that collect in the evaporator, which can be fixed by Re-gasing as well.

Air Conditioner Regassing Process

  • Recover any existing gas in the system using a gas reclaimer and gas deposit bottle
  • Disconnect both ends of the interconnecting pipes and check flares
  • Cut off old flares and re flare
  • Reconnect pipes using flare sealer
  • Nitrogen test system to 1500 or 2000 kpa depending on what gas your air conditioning system requires
  • Vacuum out system for required time
  • Add gas to system
  • Test and measure that system is working right and efficiently

Many other air conditioner regassing services will ignore certain problems because they want to be hired again to fix those when the problems become larger. Our service is entirely honest and will fix every single problem we find as soon as we find it. At the end of our contract, we will give a report of every issue we discover while regassing your air conditioning system.

Air Conditioner Regassing Prices

  • Split System Re-gas: $450.00 includes gst –  includes 1kg of gas. Additional charges if more gas if required is $20 per 100g.
  • Ducted System Re-gas: $550.00 includes gst –  includes 2kg of gas additional charges if more gas if required is $20 per 100g.

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