Units & Apartments

Expert Unit and Apartment AC Installation

More often than not, units and apartments create different challenges for the installation of your new split system. High-rise locations may involve specialised height and rigging requirements to install your air conditioner safely. There may be restricted options as to how and where both indoor and outdoor units can be installed, due to the very nature of multi storey unit dwellings.

At 5th Star we’ve got you covered. We will find a solution to mounting your air conditioning split system in the most practical and effective position. We will work with you to successfully attain your desired result. The information below will help you estimate the cost of your split system air conditioner installation. Alternatively, give us a call – we will ask you a series of questions to establish the best fit for your unit or apartment. Most people find it easier to ring us to talk to a real person regarding such a complex installation. We can also organise to meet you onsite to work out your best option and price the installation. We will formulate a specialised quotation and report for you to submit to your body corporate for approval before proceeding.

We have assisted a number of clients overcome what seemed to be insurmountable challenges installing an air conditioner to their units/apartments. See also High Rise Air Conditioning Installation.

What you get

  • Outdoor unit positioned on concrete, poly slab or feet
  • Up to 3 meters of piping and interconnecting cable
  • Up to 10 meters of electrical supply
  • Up 2.4 meters of external duct cover
  • Weatherproof electrical isolator

Installation Pricing

  • Bedroom or small room – AC unit size below 5kw $700
  • Living room or larger room – AC unit size 5kw and over $800

Extras if Necessary

  • Wall bracket – $88 installed
  • Pitched roof bracket – $200 installed
  • Extra piping – $35 per meter
  • Extra piping in ducting – $50 per meter
  • Core drilling through brick or hard concrete wall – $100
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