Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems in Brisbane Many home and businesses prefer ducted air conditioners to stay cool and warm all year round. The Brisbane weather can be a bit harsh; it can leave you sweltering in the hot months and reaching for an extra blanket in winter. Ducted AC is the right solution for the [...]

Split System Air Conditioning Brisbane

Split System Air Conditioner Installation Everyone likes to come home or step into the office to a cool environment to beat the heat and humidity of Brisbane. However, many people do not have the luxury of a central air conditioning unit so they turn to window units. What about the areas in your home or [...]

High Rise Air Conditioning Installation

Qualified And Experienced High Rise Air Conditioning Installation If you want to enjoy your stay living or working in a high rise building in Brisbane, one important factor that you must consider is a responsive and reliable air conditioning system. Installing an air conditioning system in a high rise building requires more than just the [...]

2 Story Air Conditioning

The 2 Storey installation in most cases, is a simple, easy fit out. A 2 Storey install refers to a split system air conditioner that has 2 major components; A wall mounted indoor unit An outdoor unit mounted outside at ground level or on a wall, or mounted on a sturdy wall bracket. Interconnecting refrigeration [...]

Back to Back Air Conditioning

The Back to Back installation is a standard and most simple split system installation. A Back to Back install refers to a split system that has two major components – a wall mounted indoor unit with refrigeration pipes that run through the wall and down to an outdoor unit positioned directly below – hence the [...]

Short Stump Houses

There are two different types of short stumped house installations. Please select the one that is most suited to your situation. Short Stump House The Short Stumped House installation is basically a Back to Back with extra piping involved. To make it easier for you to estimate your costs we have incorporated it into our [...]

Units & Apartments

Expert Unit and Apartment AC Installation More often than not, units and apartments create different challenges for the installation of your new split system. High-rise locations may involve specialised height and rigging requirements to install your air conditioner safely. There may be restricted options as to how and where both indoor and outdoor units can [...]

Up and Over

The Up and Over is a little more involved install. In this installation the indoor unit is mounted on an internal wall and the interconnecting refrigeration pipes are run up through the ceiling cavity and over rooms in the house to where the outdoor unit is mounted externally. This installation is used when you want [...]

Apartment Air Conditioning

5th Star Air Conditioning: Your Expert Apartment Air Conditioner Installation in Brisbane and Gold Coast 5th Star Air Conditioning brings years of combined trades service to the installation of air conditioners in apartment complexes throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast area. We have worked hard to establish a solid reputation for quality workmanship and customer [...]


5th Star Air are your Brisbane air conditioning installation specialists. With over 15 years experience in AC installation, we understand the importance of quality, efficiency, and cost-effective workmanship. Choosing the right air conditioning installation company is extremely important. A poorly installed system will affect the performance and efficiency of your investment and may lead to expensive repairs.  5th Star [...]


Air Conditioning Repairs Brisbane 5th Star Air for professional Air Conditioning repairs Brisbane wide: Is your air conditioner noisy, not cooling properly, leaking? The friendly, experienced team at 5th Star Air Conditioning are your #1 choice for fast, affordable, air conditioning repairs in Brisbane, Logan, the Gold Coast and all areas in between. Our highly skilled technicians, are [...]


Air Conditioner Cleaning Brisbane Regular Air Conditioner cleaning is essential to protect your health, reduce running costs and maintain the efficiency of your system What’s Involved in an Air Conditioner Cleaning Service? Your air conditioning unit will be sanitised, all working parts including parts,  filters, fan, coil, drain cleaned and working like new. Contaminants like dust, mould, mildew, fungi and bacteria [...]


Air Conditioner Regassing Brisbane Air Conditioner Regassing  can become quite a headache. If you do not repair the problem as soon as possible it can lead to other devastating and costly consequences. If your air conditioning system needs regassing, it is usually because there is a leak in the refrigeration system allowing the original refrigerant/gas to escape from [...]

Rust Proofing

Air Conditioner Rust Proofing Brisbane In some areas closer to the ocean or in harsh environments, outdoor Split System Air Conditioning units, their steel chassis, base and support frame can be vulnerable to Australian weather conditions. This is especially true for Brisbane, which is a coastal city. Continuous exposure to coastal elements can shorten the life of air [...]

Industrial Fans

Large Commercial and Industrial Fans Brisbane HVLS (High Volume Low Speed fans) are an excellent way of cooling the apparent temperature down by 10 – 15 degrees in a factory, warehouse or any large covered area. Sky Blade HVLS fans Sky Blade HVLS fans are a very effective and smart option when it’s not economical to [...]