Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane

In general, a ducted air conditioner system is the best cooling system for the Brisbane climate and is suitable for large houses with more than three bedrooms.

Split System Air Conditioning Brisbane

A split system AC in Brisbane is the best to supply cool air into your home, residential, business or commercial setting without using too much space.

High Rise Air Conditioning Installation

The Process of Installing a High-Rise AC is different from installing the same unit in an apartment because the outdoor AC unit is fixed on an unprotected ledge.

2 Storey Air Conditioning

A 2 Storey install refers to a split system air conditioner that has 2 major components;

Back to Back Air Conditioning

A Back to Back install refers to a split system that has two major components – a wall mounted indoor unit with refrigeration pipes that run through the wall and down to an outdoor unit positioned directly below – hence the name Back to Back.

Short Stump Houses

The Short Stumped House installation is basically a Back to Back with extra piping involved. To make it easier for you to estimate your costs we have incorporated it into our installation pricing scenarios. It is a simple and easy fit out.

Units & Apartments

More often than not, units and apartments create different challenges for the installation of your new split system. High-rise locations may involve specialised height and rigging requirements to install your air conditioner safely.

Up and Over

The Up and Over is a little more involved install. In this installation the indoor unit is mounted on an internal wall and the interconnecting refrigeration pipes are run up through the ceiling cavity and over rooms in the house to where the outdoor unit is mounted externally.

Apartment Air Conditioning

For apartments air conditioning there are many air conditioning options available, like split system air conditioners, multi-head air conditioning systems, ducted air conditioners, VRF air conditioning system and bulkhead air conditioners.

Air Conditioner Installation Brisbane

With over 15 years experience in AC installation, we understand the importance of quality, efficiency, and cost-effective workmanship.


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Regular Air Conditioner cleaning is essential to protect your health, reduce running costs and maintain the efficiency of your system


Air Conditioner Regassing  can become quite a headache. If you do not repair the problem as soon as possible it can lead to other devastating and costly consequences.

Rust Proofing

In some areas closer to the ocean or in harsh environments, outdoor Split System Air Conditioning units, their steel chassis, base and support frame can be vulnerable to Australian weather conditions.

Industrial Fans

HVLS (High Volume Low Speed fans) are an excellent way of cooling the apparent temperature down by 10 – 15 degrees in a factory, warehouse or any large covered area.